Evangelism Booklets

Gospel Booklets for less than a cup of coffee

Where would you start if you had less than an hour to explain the gospel to a friend who has not read the Bible before? What information should you cover? What points should you focus on? The Story that Matters and What are Christmas and Easter all About? are booklets that provide a clear explanation of the main message of the Bible in 45 minutes.

These booklets each explain the gospel in a chronological manner from creation to the cross. Using expressive line art illustrations (The Story that Matters) or rich colour illustrations (What are Christmas and Easter all About?) and carefully controlled text, the core message of the Bible is explained in simple-to-understand English so that even those who uses English as a second language can clearly understand the message.

These books are priced so they can be given away in large numbers. Churches can present these booklets to visitors or they can be given out at concerts or church programs. Individuals can also give the booklet like a gospel tract to family, friends and neighbours.

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