What are Christmas and Easter All About? (English)

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Like other GoodSeed tools, this book explains the gospel in a chronological manner from creation to the cross. This 80-page booklet is priced so that it can be given away in large numbers. Churches can present these booklets to visitors or they can be given out at concerts or church programs—especially at Easter or Christmas events. Individuals can also give the booklet like a gospel tract to family, friends and neighbours.

Using full-colour illustrations and carefully controlled text, the core message of the Bible is explained in simple-to-understand English so that even someone who uses English as a second language can gain a clear understanding of the message.

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  • Written for those with limited language skills: Using EasyEnglish, it is suitable for children, teens, ESL and people who do not read a lot.
  • Priced for mass giveaways: This booklet is very affordable. Bought in bulk, it is priced less than a cup of coffee—cheaper than a Christmas or Easter card. It is ideal to giveaway in large numbers. A church can hang one on every door in a neighbourhood without breaking the budget!
  • Assumptions: Assumes reader has little or no prior knowledge of the Bible
  • Chronological: Begins with the creation of the universe, and then progressing sequentially through key Old Testament stories, it moves into the New Testament to reveal the meaning of the cross and the tomb. The main story of the Bible is tied together into one universal, all-encompassing drama. The content is brief so a reader can complete the book in approximately 45 minutes.
  • Fully illustrated: Colour paintings by gifted artist, Ian Mastin, bring the gospel story to life. (See ianmastin.com)

No. of pages: 80
ISBN: 9781890082570


Note: A variant of this booklet is The Story that Matters. It is a 64-page booklet with identical text, but uses expressive line art instead. It is also titled for use outside of the Christmas and Easter seasons.  


  • 4
    What are Christmas and Easter All About

    Posted by Beth Drummond on 9th Nov 2021

    I think because of the sensitivity of racism now, that some of the pictures in the book need to be changed ..rather than a blond Eve and a white grandfather and children, other races should be depicted. I had planned to give these out in my neighborhood (which is very mixed) this Christmas but now am not sure how well they will be accepted.

  • 5
    What Are Christmas & Easter All About

    Posted by John Cook on 3rd Feb 2021

    I have been using this product for a number of years now. I used it in Guyana S. Amer for evangelism, and now in the USA, I give it away during the Christmas & Easter seasons. People really appreciate the full page color pictures. It is a really nice booklet to give to children. I prefer using it to tracts as it puts the gospel message in its historical context providing a new Christian very clear doctrinal information to build his faith on.

  • 4
    Applies to this and the Story that Matters

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Aug 2015

    The books are both good. I would like to see the books divided into chapters and have the Scripture included in the text as you have done in "The Stranger".

  • 4
    Good for my ESL class

    Posted by Jean Vance on 10th Feb 2014

    I ordered this book to use with my ESL class of Chinese adults. Had our first class tonight and one woman told me as she came into the class - I really like this book . (She has been studying the Bible at ESL for 3 years.) It explains things well so I understand the Bible stories better. I like The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus book, but the language is too difficult for them. So we discussed the concepts introduced in What Are Christmas and Easter all About, (This week discussed the Bible, next week God, etc.) then I showed some clips from the DVD Stranger on the Road DVD (A Unique Book) stopping the DVD when asked to explain vocabulary. The students really liked this format.