All that the Prophets have Spoken Leader's Guide (English)

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This leader’s guide is for All that the Prophets have Spoken.

The All that the Prophets have Spoken Leader's Guide is ideal for any believer who wishes to teach someone with an Islamic worldview through a creation-to-the-cross approach to the gospel. It begins by looking at the Word of God from the perspective of a Muslim reader, all without reference to Islam or the Quran.

The book specifically addresses questions Muslims might have, so that by the end, they will have a clear understanding of the God of the Bible. This guide gives the leader a wealth of insight, visual aid helps and beneficial suggestions built upon decades of experience. Included is an Interactive DVD which adds a whole new dimension to the content.

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  • Contains full text of the course book, details on how to teach alone or with a co-leader, how to use the videos and visual aids, and a section of leader's notes that provide more in-depth information.
  • Comes with the interactive DVD with 98 video clips totalling 3 hours 20 minutes. These clips can be shown during course sessions.
  • Optional: You can also purchase the leader's guide with the additional four training and resource discs.

This leader's guide is also a component of the Worldview Rethink curriculum box. It can be used on its own or with any of the Worldview Rethink resources.

No. of pages: 336
ISBN: 9789759062736
DVD Region: All regions
DVD Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes


Optional Training DVDs:

  1. "What": What is Worldview Rethink?
  2. "Why": The uniqueness of Worldview Rethink and what it can contribute to the body of Christ 
  3. "How": A "how-to" video on guiding the course. 
  4. Resource CD: Additional printable visual aids and printouts for teaching the Worldview Rethink course; plus banners, flyers, posters—all you need to publicize the course. 

Other Resources: 

By This Name Leader's Guide. This is the premier leader's guide. It clearly explains the biblical worldview using a solidly scriptural method to set apart the God of the Bible from other forms of spirituality.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Leader's Guide is ideal for any believer who wishes to teach someone with a Christianized worldview through a creation-to-the-cross approach to the gospel.